"Behold the Chamber of Extinction. Here lies the remnants of a disastrous battle" (Grail Tablet)

Ruins area connected to the Temple of the Sun. 

Location NotesEdit

  • Chamberextinctiontablet

    Illustration on Mural of Invocation tablet.

    "A large crucifix lies beneath the land. Beyond the guard of the God of Destruction , this large crucifix shall summon Palenque." (Tablet; Mural of Invocation, Chamber of Extinction)
  • "The large stone statue is Spriggan. Hostility awakens it. Further attacks will still its unrest." (Tablet; Darkness Approach, Chamber of Extinction)
  • "The god who sustains the world shall disperse the darkness. Look where the shell in the left hand points. (Tablet; Path of Life, Chamber of Extinction)

Lake of Life

The passage beneath the lake is blocked at its western terminus by a energy field. A tablet in this passage suggests it's possible to pass through a wall nearby. A vertical shaft concealed by blocks is at the west edge of the lake. Need a means of ascending it.

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