"Behold the Temple of the Sun. A shrine devoted to courageous men."

Location notesEdit

Great Colonnade, Right-side roomEdit

  • East of the pyramid. Sphinx-like creature on right of room, fires projectiles across screen. There appears to be a passageway behind it, but I have yet to find a way to cause damage.
  • Tablet here references an area called the "Moon-Gazing Pit." Instructions to pierce the heart of one of three ladies waiting in this location, specifically the one "who never lets her smile fade."

Horus' Room of PillarsEdit

  • A switch plate remains untouched in the eastern half of the room. It is a trap.
  • Wall Seal in western half of room.


  • Sanctuary: Weights, Waterproof Case, Flares
  • Altar of War: Rolling Shuriken (10), a spear (sold out), Text-Trax software

Puzzle NotesEdit

Sun Pyramid puzzleEdit


Illustration of two pyramids, one inverted, with a path between them (Tablet; Sun Pyramid)

There may be two pyramids, maybe? I thought initially that this puzzle might relate to acquiring the Isis Pendant , but I'm having second thoughts about that. 

Illustration of a woman with child within the Sun Pyramid (Sun Pyramid: Burial Chamber tablet)

  • "There is man, therefore there is woman. A weapon shall not be used within the woman." (Tablet; Great Colonnade, Left-side room)
  • "The woman shall be with child when within the man." (Tablet; Sun Pyramid: Burial Chamber)
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